Sunday, January 4, 2009

Greatest Time in 2008

I was reflecting on 2008 and remembering what a great time we had in DisneyWorld.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Sweet (stinky) Home

Ok I know what you are all thinking. I'm sad to be home and I think it stinks. Actually it is the more literal sense of the word. Yes we came home to a refrigerator that had quit. I'm guessing somewhere around the first week of our trip. The person who was supposed to be watching the house shall remain nameless but apparantly she didn't come in to check. All dogs are alive so I know they were fed. The pool had evaporated so much water the pump was running on air. Not sure if it will work or not yet. Great to depend on people isn't it.

So we spent about 3 hours getting the rotten food out of freezer and getting whole refridgerator out of house. It was absolutely gross!!!!!

We made it home ok. No problems with the RV. We can't wait for our next trip. We would like to go to a lake or campground close in the next few weeks. We all just love travel and the time we spend together. Back to normal here though. Kids all went to their rooms. Boys playing the wii. Jenni whining to me about wanting something to snack on. Back to normal for sure.

Tim has already gotten on the computer and ordered our photopass CD. There were some great shots on it. I'm glad to be home but sad also.

Thanks for following along. I'll post more pictures in the next few days.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Almost home!

Saturday, August 9

We got started this morning around 8:15. We headed out and had a beautiful drive up through Mississippi.

I actually drove for about a third of the day. Yeah me!

We ate in the RV. The kids really want to drive on home tonight but we stopped in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Tim picked this place tonight. Park Ridge RV Campground. It at least has cable and wifi. It could be a really cute place. there is a family that runs it and they live in a house on the grounds. It really has potential. I at least feel safe here unlike last night.
I think we are all ready to get home. The kids start school next week and we have quite a bit to do to get ready for that. Tim even commented tonight about how much he has enjoyed this trip. I am so glad we were able to take it. We have made memories that will last all of us for a lifetime.

I hope you have enjoyed the posts. Again I am sorry about the last week. I wrote everyday on the computer but I just couldn't find the energy to go up to the WIFI hotspot at 1:00 a.m. Thanks for reading and caring and praying for us on our journey. We love you all!


Friday, August 8

Well we got up this morning and got an early start. We left about 7:15 central standard time. We had a little trouble getting out of the Disney complex. We missed a turn and I got us turned around into the Epcot driveway. Luckily the parking booth attendant was able to get us back out to where we needed to be.

Kids slept until noon. I told you we were exhausted.

We drove and drove and drove.

We decided to stop for dinner in Pascagoula, Mississippi at a Cracker Barrel. Never, never, never stop at a cracker barrel in this area. Our waitress was a second act from Maxine. In fact we named her Maxine 2. I don’t know if this was her name or not but it fit. She took our order. Repeated it to us twice!!!!! It took over 15 minutes to bring our drinks. The food was all screwed up. She completely left off Jessi’s meal and half of Josh’s. She came back with Jessi’s in about 5 minutes. We sat for most of the meal without refills in our tea glasses and by the time everyone was done with their food, Josh still didn’t have his eggs with cheese. When they finally did come they didn’t have cheese. This is the first time that I ever remember Tim not leaving at least a little tip. It was absolutely horrible. Made for great humor for the rest of the evenings drive.

We stopped in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as Shady Cove Rv Park. Another one of my great picks. NOT!!! I picked it but it was horrible. The lady said she would leave an envelope with our site on it taped to the window. We get here at 9:00p.m. after driving all day. No envelope. So we just picked a site and left an envelope with payment. How crazy is that. It wasn’t quite as bad in the daylight but no cable and no wifi. I absolutely quit picking the RV parks.

Tim's Birthday

Thursday, August 7

Up and at em early. We were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios when they opened the gates. We walked directly to the Toy Story Mania ride and we still had to wait 30 minutes. Amazing!!!!! When we got off the wait was over and hour and the FASTPASS machines were already to 3:00 p.m. It is a fun little game though.

Jake, Josh, Jessi and I headed for the Rockin Rollercoaster. Great Aerosmith music for the wait. Little loud though. Oops showing my age. We get in the train which looks like a stretch limo. You pull up to this wall opening. It counts down and it rockets you out to about 60 mph in about 5 seconds then you start the loops and corkscrew turns. It was totally awesome!!!!!! We loved it. Too bad the wait was so long. We would have gone again.

Next we went and met up with Tim and Jenni and then went and had lunch at the Toy Story Pizza place.

After lunch we headed back to the RV to start packing things away.

We headed over to the Polynesian about 4:45. We are going to the Luau with the Sproats. We arrived at their hotel. It is beautiful. Lots of palm trees and very beach oriented. It is huge. I never would have guessed that there would be so many rooms.

The Luau was a lot of fun. They had a little show kind of deal. Josh, Jenni, and Hannah went up to learn how to hula. Jessi, Jake, Maddie, and Sam were kind of sticks in the mud. Our waitress Maxine was a joke. She was so confused and slow. She tried hard though. Kind of an older lady. She just couldn’t get it together. They asked for everyone with Birthdays. We made Tim go up and he had to do a kind of birthday dance with about 15 other people whose birthdays were today.

The kids loved the fire twirler. He was really entertaining.

After dinner, Jessica, Maddie and I went over to Magic Kingdom to use our Fastpasses. Jake decided to stay and swim instead of using his so we gave it to Maddie. We went and rode the Space Mountain Roller Coaster for our last hooray in Disney. I actually had tears in my eyes as I left through the gate for the last time. This has been so much fun. Every family should get to come at least once in their lifetime. We have all had an absolute blast.
I took Maddie back and her and Jessi swam for a while. Tim and I stood on the beach and watched the fireworks for the last time too. Again feeling such sadness that tomorrow we have to start home.

I think Tim was extrememly lucky to have spent his birthday in Disney World. What a place to turn 29 again.

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 6

Today we got up and hit Epcot early when it opened. We went right to soarin’. Tim and the kids got in line and I went and got FASTPASSES. I caught up with them in line and we all rode together. We then had breakfast in the restaurant and waited for our FASTPASS time. Laura and Maddie came and road with us instead of Jenni and Tim which was perfectly fine with them since they really don’t like it.

Next we went over to Test Track and got FASTPASSES for after lunch. Then we headed to the Garden Grill for lunch. Our waiter this time wasn’t as friendly. Kind of strange. It really goes to show that the waiter/waitress can really make or break your dining experience. The lady the first time we ate here was so nice and friendly and we loved it. Sam was so excited to meet Mickey and Pluto. Chip and Dale were also there. It was so much fun to see his eyes light up. Food was the same and really excellent. Just wish we had the first server again.
After lunch we headed to Test Track. We got right on. Hannah didn’t like it at all. The rest of us loved it. It is really fun when you get going around the outside of the building.

Tim has a blister on his foot and he was ready to head back. Jake and Tim headed back to start getting things packed up.

The rest of us went to the Nemo underwater ride. It was really cute. Then we went into this turtle talk where you talk to Crush from Finding Nemo. Really neat show. It is a film type deal with a screen only the turtle is really talking to the audience. He talks to kids. He asked for questions and of course my little clown Josh raised his hand. Crush called on him and Josh asked what he ate. The turtle answered him and then asked Josh what he ate for lunch. Josh of course says “I don’t know” They had quite a conversation about what he had to eat. It was really funny.

We came back to the RV and regrouped. Jessi, Josh and I took out for Downtown Disney. We had some other shopping we wanted to do. We rode the boat down to the West Side and then walked our way back to the bus stop. Really neat shops. Of course all tied to Disney. We headed home and got on the wrong bus in the campground. No big deal it just took us 20 minutes longer to get back home.

Then me and the kids headed for the pool. I just love the relaxing dip in the pool and the end of the day. Even with all the other people. Jessi really doesn’t like swimming with so many people around.

Tuesday, August 5

Tuesday, August 5

Everyday it gets harder and harder to get up.

Tim and Jenni decided to stay at the RV Park today while Jessi, Jake, Josh and I headed to Magic Kingdom. We went to the Splash Mountain Log ride. It was 9:45 in the morning and we had to wait an hour and ½. It was decorated with the Briar rabbit story and was very cute I think Jenni would have loved it. The kids loved it. Not very big drop though. Still pretty exciting.

When we got off the ride it was lunch time so we stopped and had hamburger and BBQ at Pecos Bill’s again. We really like this place. Good food and great carrot cake dessert.

Next we met up with Laura and Scott and went through the Haunted Mansion. Scott and Sam headed back to hotel and the rest of us walked around and rode a couple more rides. Nothing new today just the old stand by stitch’s great adventure. Josh really loves that one.

Tim and Jenni went to the pool and did crafts and had pizza for lunch. Jenni really had a good time. I kind of wish we had spent more time there myself.

We came back and got Tim and Jenni and headed to Animal Kingdom for dinner at the Tusker house. This was African influenced food and it was delicious. They had a peanut butter and jelly bar for the kids. It was really awesome. The desserts were fabulous. They had a cherry/apple cobbler like thing with vanilla sauce to drizzle on top. So delicious.

After dinner, I took Sam, Maddie, Jessi, Jake, and Josh and got in line for the Everest Roller coaster. The wait wasn’t too bad about 35 minutes. We get all the way up to the front of the line and train before us isn’t working right. Then they lost power to the whole ride. Now I don’t know if that is an everyday ploy to shut down the ride or if it was true but we weren’t able to ride. They gave us fast passes but we have to go back another day to use them. Don’t know if we will have time so it was really disappointing.

It looked stormy so we headed back to the RV. We all turned in pretty early tonight.